Cannot be Described in Words: Drawing/Daring

Randal Thurston,   ECHO  , (detail), 2014, cut paper

Randal Thurston, ECHO, (detail), 2014, cut paper

Featured artists include: Jill Slosberg-Ackerman, Ilona Anderson, Sheila Gallagher, Audrey Goldstein, Raul Gonzalez, Chuck Holtzman, Fred Liang, Cynthia Maurice, Ethan Murrow, Randal Thurston and Debra Weisberg

Deborah Davidson, Guest Curator

The Art Complex Museum

189 Alden Street, Duxbury, MA
September 20, 2015 – January 16, 2016 

Something is communicated in a drawing that has remained a constant for centuries - an intimacy of expression that is otherwise the province of writing. Cannot Be Described in Words: Drawing/Daring features works by eleven artists who engage in a variety of mediums and are all interested, in some way, in the materiality of drawing. They share a sense of daring: exploring new approaches, scale and mediums that expand the definition of drawing and add to what that definition can be. Their drawings are projective, that is, they depict something that is imagined before it is drawn. The drawings range from installations to works that are iterations of sculptural space, to the use of traditional materials like charcoal, which are pushed beyond their expected limitations.